Recognise faults on clamping devices!
FE simulation of workpiece stresses with Meshparts
Recognise and eliminate faults on clamping devices!

With the finite element software from Meshparts, it is possible to simulate the behaviour of fixtures and workpieces during the clamping and machining process within a very short time. This allows faults in clamping fixtures to be detected and eliminated at an early stage.

The software contains an extensive library of clamping elements, which considerably reduces the effort for simulations. The library is exclusively equipped with ROEMHELD clamping elements.

Meshparts offers exclusively for ROEMHELD customers the simulation of clamping devices as a service. After a previous customer survey the price for this service plays a major role. In a joint development, the process was automated, which allows these calculations to be carried out 10 times more cost-efficiently than before.

Basis CAD data

For a simulation the customer only has to send the CAD data of his fixtures to Meshparts. The software then automatically inserts the data of the ROEMHELD clamping elements used from its library. Within minutes the effect of clamping and machining forces on the workpiece is made comprehensible and checked for deviations from the tolerances. If necessary, Meshparts submits suggestions for improvement to the user's design.

Andreas Lotz, Sales Manager International at ROEMHELD
Especially e-mobility leads to a growing demand for corresponding offers, explains Andreas Lotz, Sales Manager International at ROEMHELD: "The increasing complexity and size of components for e-mobility increasingly requires simulations. Even fixture builders with a wealth of experience are increasingly resorting to this tool."

Alexandru Dadalau and Timo Ziegler, the founders and managing directors of Meshparts:      
"The production of new, filigree and thin-walled components requires innovative and practical approaches to fixture design. Our finite element software is the perfect solution!"

ROEMHELD and Meshparts cooperate exclusively in this field.

ROEMHELD Managing Director Nico Hanke, emphasises that the collaboration brings customers tangible added value:
"We are united by the goal of advancing the machining industry through high-quality clamping technology combined with advanced simulations. We are convinced that our cooperation will help to master the productive challenges of e-mobility."

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